The world’s first fully wireless OLED TV is fully operational

Wireless TVs aren’t entirely a sci-fi idea – LG shows off a 97-inch wireless OLED on CES 2023, where it is one of the most eye-catching elements on a crowded company stand. But far away in a quiet, isolated corner of the Las Vegas Convention Center’s Central Hall, there’s something more intriguing: a fully wireless 55-inch 4K OLED TV.

Completely wireless as in no no wires – not even a power cord (which LG’s 97-inch wireless OLED has). Replace the TV created a display powered by four lithium-ion batteries that provide a month of viewing for six hours a day before requiring a recharge. The TV, wireless base station, batteries and charger cost $3,000 a lot, and four TVs can be purchased from the company for $9,000.

Why do you need four Displace wireless TVs? Because you can combine them together to create a 110-inch 8K TV. The headsets have cameras mounted on top that track your hand movements, and with a pinch-and-expand gesture, you can project the image on one of the screens to zoom in and fill all four. (The Displace TV Wireless Base Station, which streams to displays over Wi-Fi 6E, has multiple video inputs to allow simultaneous viewing of different sources, as well as a Smart TV interface.)

Angled view of the Displace TV panel. Note the battery slots (top and bottom) and the side mounting and removal handles. Also pay attention to screen glare. (Image credit: future)

Witnessing this “slide and unfold” feature was a little mind-blowing, but it was even more fun to watch the TV mounted on the wall.

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