Matter lands on Amazon Echo as support continues to grow

True to its promise, Amazon is now rolling out support for Matter smart home as standard up to 17 Echo devices, with more on the way.

To name just a few supported devices, you have Fourth generation Echo, Echo Dot (5th generation) with clock, Echo Studio, Echo Show 10 display and Show 15. This update will turn all of the listed items into a central hub for controlling other Matter-enabled smart gadgets via Android; similar to what Google has recently done. However, unlike Google, Echo devices will only be able to communicate over Wi-Fi and not Thread, according to the announcement (opens in a new tab). Amazon says it’s rolling out support for the most commonly used devices like smart bulbs, plugs, and switches first as a way to test things out before moving on to other types of devices. The company goes on to say that it wants to provide “customers with a hassle-free and high-quality experience…” during this time.

Ongoing support

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